We need better batteries

Ore Energy isn't just imagining this – we’re making it happen. We’re building a truly affordable, easy-to-scale, long-duration battery.

Our technology uses iron, water and air to store and hold energy. Yes, stuff you can find everywhere around the planet. For only a fraction of the cost of current batteries.

What if we could create long-duration energy storage, just by using abundant materials?

Our technology is based on a simple well-known chemical reaction, rusting and unrusting.

  • During the discharge, the metallic iron is oxidized (rusting) and emission of electrons (=an electrical current) occurs with this chemical reaction
  • During the charging, under the action of an electrical current, the rust reverts to metallic iron

The rusting/derusting process happens on the iron side. This reaction is only possible with the presence of air (oxygen) at the air electrode. The water-based electrolyte allows the circulation of electrical charges (electrons) between anode and cathode through hydroxyl ion.

With a fully scalable modular design, our battery is integrated by building blocks that, when joined together, result in a plug-and-play energy storage system that can be easily deployed anywhere at any scale from MWh to GWh.


  • Extremely cost effective
  • 100 hours of storage duration
  • Utilizes abundant materials
  • Safe without risk of fire
  • Easily scalable